Hello, I'm Practically Monday. I'm female, Canadian and a university student. Mostly I reblog Doctor Who and Once Upon a Time but I'm also a fan of Orphan Black, Sherlock, Elementary, Fringe, Harry Potter, Supernatural, chocolate and anything pretty. My lovely background is courtesy of Athemes. I make gifs and graphics. Usually when I'm supposed to be studying.
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I was a coward! I was weak! I wouldn’t kill a dragon!

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okay u can make fun of Shrek all you want but if u don’t think they were the most beautiful fucking movies ever then ur wrong

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Favorite Muggleborns headcanons (1/?)

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George R.R. Martin is ruthless - every death in the Game of Thrones series is tabbed

im not even in the GOT fandom but how the fuck are any of you still breathing

We’re not

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#TELL ME HOW THE ARM WORKS #was thinking about this the other day; like so if the arm is actually made out of vibranium hence it being able to catch the shield #its lighter than steel but it still needs to have all those wires and equipping within it so it has to be heavier than a human arm #does that mean that they replaced his collarbone or breastbone or upper torso or whatever with some kind of metal alloy within the bones?? #HOW DID THEY LINK UP THE NERVE SYSTEM IS WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY #ALSO HOW DO YOU STOP THAT ARM FROM PULLING OUT HIS INNARDS #tell me how the arm works captain america 3 give me bad pseudo science talk dirty to me 

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